Tell Us Why You Carry

It’s been a historic year for gun owners in the United States, and we wanted to check in with you and get you rinput. Will you take our official “Why Do You Carry” poll?

Question 1: Why do you carry?
Question 2: Do you carry to protect your family, yourself, or both?
Question 3: When was the last time you purchased a firearm?
Question 4: How many of your friends and family also carry a firearm?
Question 5: Besides yourself, is there something in your life who relies on you for your protection?
Question 7: Did you know your ability to use and own a firearm for protection is being threatened?
Question 8: Tell us if you agree with the following statement: The Second Amendment protects the fundamental right to own and carry a firearm for self-defense.
Question 9: Did you take a firearms education and training course before or after you purchased your firearm?
Question 10: Do you believe "Gun-Free Zones" (i.e. areas where carrying a gun is NOT permitted) make communities less safe or more safe?

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