USCCA-FSL: Our Commitment

Affirming Your Right to Protect

We will affirm the right of law-abiding citizens to protect their families

Advocating for Ideas that Save Lives

We will advocate for long-overdue solutions like national concealed carry reciprocity laws

Removing Barriers to Saving Lives

We will work to remove barriers that stand in the way between gun owners and family safety

Our Name Says It All:

Concealed carry saves lives. Whether it’s yourself, your family, or your community, everything around us is safer when a responsible gun owner is carrying. That’s why we’re working to promote legislation that allows responsible gun owners to protect their families and support candidates who aren’t afraid to defend our God-given and constitutionally-guaranteed rights.

You and your family have every right to keep yourselves safe, and that’s the exact reason we exist. Our goals are not just to educate, train, and save lives, but to take that exact work directly to Washington, D.C.

Right now more Americans than ever before in our history are choosing to responsibly arm themselves. We believe those gun owners need proper representation. We believe that they deserve protection from the opponents trying to erase their rights.

Mike Lowney

Chairman of the Board

A Note from Mike

Everyone has asked themselves at some point, “what is my purpose in life?” 

For some of us, it’s advancing in our careers. For others, it’s traveling the world and learning new skills. But for me, and so many Americans from coast to coast, it’s protecting my family and its legacy.

I never planned on leading an organization like USCCA-FSL. At one point, I found myself on the fast-track as a leader in one of America’s most iconic companies. But when I realized that I could spend every day working towards my own purpose in life, and help protect my fellow Americans’ ability to pursue theirs… I knew I had to take that chance. 

That’s why I’m here, leading an organization that works every day to advance the right of responsible Americans to protect their families. Their legacies. 

Our mission at USCCA-FSL is about much more than the right to bear arms. It’s about affirming that intrinsic feeling we’re all born with – the instinct to protect those we love. 

When faced with a life-or-death situation, we need to find the most efficient way to defend our families. That most efficient tool will almost always be a firearm. 

That’s why we’re working towards a future supporting responsible American gun owners. A future that makes it easier for Americans to provide the most basic of needs to those they love…safety and security.  

In my role as chairman, I will ensure that we never deviate from our mission: to empower Americans to take that step to safely become their family’s ultimate protector.

Meet the Team

Tim Abler
Board Member
Katie Pointer Baney
Board Member
Brad Connor
Board Member
Jake Schmidt
Board Member