Blog 6/30/23

Weekly Spotlight 6/30/23 – 7/6/23

Elections Matter. Repeal of ATF Pistol Brace Rule Fails by One Vote in U.S. Senate

We’ve chronicled the numerous developments over the past few months regarding a federal rule being implemented by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (ATF) which criminalizes the possession of some pistol stabilizing braces.  Over the course of a few weeks, USCCA-FSL supporters sent more than 77,000 letters to Congress urging them to pass a Congressional Review Act resolution that would overturn the unconstitutional rule.  Your dedication paid off, as the U.S. House passed the resolution introduced by Reps. Andrew Clyde and Richard Hudson with bipartisan support. 

Unfortunately, the measure did not have the same good fortune in the U.S. Senate, where last Thursday it just barely missed crossing the threshold needed to pass, instead failing along partisan lines 50-49.  It was disappointing news for Second Amendment advocates across the country, especially those thousands of USCCA-FSL supporters who added their voice to the chorus of people calling on Congress to stop the ATF’s overreach. 

While the ATF’s pistol brace rule may still have scrutiny in federal courts (which we will continue to monitor), the outcome of the Congressional Review Act resolution demonstrates one perpetual truth when it comes to protecting the Second Amendment and Americans’ right to self-defense.  Elections matter.  If there had been just two more Senators in the chamber last Thursday to vote in favor of the resolution, it would have passed.  

The ATF’s pistol brace rule, which could criminalize millions of law-abiding Americans if enforced to its fullest extent, is one of the many ongoing assaults on the Second Amendment emanating from Washington, D.C., and state capitals across the country.  It’s more important than ever to elect lawmakers who will protect your right to protect yourself and your family, not strip away that right one law and regulation at a time.  This is especially true as attitudes among pro-gun control voters are increasingly enthusiastic

Our work is not finished.  There will be many opportunities in the days, weeks and years ahead to push back against radical policies like the ATF’s pistol brace rule, and we need freedom-loving Americans at our side.  The USCCA-FSL supports candidates that promote concealed carry and the Second Amendment, protect law-abiding American’s natural-born right to self-defense, and oppose legislation that inhibits or criminalizes that right.  Will you join us in advancing that mission? 

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On July 1, 2023, Floridians will be able to carry a concealed firearm without having to get a permit. “Firearms are very dangerous, and the consequence of using a firearm in an inappropriate way, like in self-defense, you could kill yourself, kill a family member, you could spend the rest of your life in prison,” said Ryan Thomas, the co-founder of Warrior Cloud, a software that helps firearms instructors train students.  

A resident at Turnberry Towers near Karen and Paradise is calling a building employee a hero after a gunman walked in and fired shots at the front desk on Friday.  Channel 13 spoke with the resident to get their story. Law enforcement has not confirmed the following details.  According to the resident, a man wearing a helmet had an AR-15 and other weapons when he entered the towers Friday afternoon.  This is when the resident tells us the man fired shots in the area of the front desk, shattering glass which is shown in pictures they have provided to us.  The resident says it was an employee of the towers who stopped the attack, and thinks they are a hero who deserves recognition for stepping in.

A Wisconsin concealed carry holder found a man suspected of a local crime spree in his attic and held him at gunpoint until police arrived, authorities said. A Cudahy, Wisconsin, homeowner only identified by local media as “John J.” said he returned to his home last Monday morning after work and made a disturbing discovery that an intruder was in his home. Cudahy is located in Milwaukee County. “I opened my back door, and I saw a bunch of insulation from my roof, from my attic, on my kitchen floor. We thought an animal was upstairs,” John told WISN 12. “We thought an animal was upstairs. And it turned out to be an armed felon with a pistol.”

On Thursday, the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office provided Constitutional Carry for Oregon with the official signature sheet templates for Initiative Petition 2024-021. IP-21 amends the Oregon Constitution with the addition of one simple sentence, “… includes the right to carry, without a permit, a concealed firearm,” according to a news release from the group. The official ballot title reads: “Amends Constitution: Creates right to carry a concealed firearm without a permit; voids existing concealed carry restrictions.” IP-21 in no way places firearms into the hands of felons or those otherwise unable to legally possess a firearm. Such individuals do not typically apply for concealed carry permits to begin with.