Preventing Unjust Red Flag Laws Act of 2023

H.R.283 – Preventing Unjust Red Flag Laws of 2023

This bill prohibits the use of federal funds to implement or enforce red flag laws. The term red flag law references an order that allows firearms to be temporarily removed from a person’s possession if the person is believed to be a danger to themselves or others. 

This bill provides a prohibition on funding in two ways:

  1. Funds made available for any Federal department or agency may NOT be used to – implement or enforce Federal red flag laws or
  2. provide assistance to States, local, tribal, or territorial government departments or agencies for the implementation or enforcement of red flag laws.
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I just contacted my lawmakers to urge them to support the Preventing Unjust Red Flag Laws Act of 2023 and urge you to do the same! Check out and take action!
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I believe that our federal government should not be able to enact laws that will take away my right to protect my family. Go to and send your lawmaker a letter if you agree!
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