Articles 11/15/22

Fox Business: How Midterm Elections Could Impact The Firearms Industry – Or Not

As midterm election results continue to roll in, Americans are still waiting to find out which party will control the House or the Senate and whether they might be impacted by how the chips fall.

But firearms industry insiders and Second Amendment advocates say the results of the federal elections will have little to no impact on them at all, regardless of whether Democrats or Republicans win either chamber.

Gary Ramey, CEO of Liberty Ammunition, says the House and Senate outcomes will not significantly impact the sale of ammunition or firearms.

“Ammo and firearms are purchased by consumers with personal safety concerns,” Ramey told FOX Business. “Rhetoric from the left won’t affect that.”

Delta Defense director of government affairs Katie Pointer-Baney agrees, noting that the millions of new gun owners include folks of all political stripes.

“The firearm industry as a whole has seen tremendous growth over the past few years because of this crime wave that has gripped the country — and, of course, as people feel more unsafe,” Pointer-Baney says. “The defunding of law enforcement, all this kind of confluence of issues (mean) more people are taking on the responsibility of protecting themselves and their loved ones, and using a firearm is a most efficient tool to do so.”

“Honestly, I don’t think that’s changing, even if Republicans take control,” she added. “I think it’s sort of like we’re not going back.”

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