Do you agree with the majority of Americans?

According to a poll done by Pew Research, Americans across all demographics enjoy exercising their Second Amendment rights by owning guns or living with someone who does.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans either own a firearm or live in a house with someone who owns a firearm. In 2017, when Pew conducted this poll, 67 percent of Americans said they owned a firearm for protection. In 2023, that number increased to 72 percent

We believe that everyone is safer through responsible firearm ownership, and according to Pew, Americans agree. 81 percent of gun owners say owning a firearm makes them feel safer.

Will you take our short survey today and let us know where you stand compared to a majority of Americans?

Do you personally own a firearm?
Do you feel safer having a firearm in your house (or on your person)?
Do you trust your elected officials to support your 2A interests?
Do you believe Congress should pass a law that gives law-abiding citizens the right to carry a firearm across state lines?
Would you vote for a candidate who supports an "Assault Weapons" ban?

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