Keeping Families Safe

DID YOU KNOW? In a survey of more than 15,000 law enforcement officers, 91 percent said concealed carry should be permitted to citizens without question and without further restrictions. The United States of America needs laws that affirm our Constitutionally-protected right to responsibly arm Read More

National Reciprocity

DID YOU KNOW? The current patchwork of state and local laws can confuse even the most conscientious CCW holder and puts them at risk of breaking the law. Let’s be honest. You wouldn’t think twice about crossing from one state to the next to go on vacation, visit loved ones Read More

Safety & Training

Responsible Americans have a right to keep and bear arms. But every responsible gun owner should embrace education and training on a regular basis. We believe that the best way to keep American families safe is to ensure that all gun owners receive the adequate training resources they need to Read More