Our Name Says It All.

Concealed carry saves lives. Whether it’s yourself, your family, or your community, everything around us is safer when a responsible gun owner is carrying. That’s why we’re working to promote legislation that allows responsible gun owners to protect their families and support candidates who aren’t afraid to defend our God-given and constitutionally-guaranteed rights.

You and your family have every right to keep yourselves safe, and that’s the exact reason we exist. Our goals are not just to educate, train, and save lives, but to take that exact work directly to Washington, D.C.

Right now more Americans than ever before in our history are choosing to responsibly arm themselves. We believe those gun owners need proper representation. We believe that they deserve protection from the opponents trying to erase their rights.

Click to read a letter from our Executive Director and Chairman of the Board, Mike Lowney.

Our Commitment

We will affirm the right of law-abiding citizens to protect their families

We will work to remove barriers that stand in the way between gun owners and family safety

We will highlight candidates and policies that affirm our 2nd Amendment rights